O.B. Schooley

O.B. Schooley is a Principal with SI Partners, Inc. who has exceptional qualifications in both private and public-sector business environments. In his 35-year career he has managed many complex ventures in both sectors. O.B. Schooley began his career in the private sector financial industry as a bond financial analyst for U.S. Industries managing multi-million-dollar business consolidations for Fortune 500 companies. O.B. Schooley served as the Executive Director of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. In addition to his role as director, O.B. Schooley held a key management position during the successful master plan implementation at John Wayne Airport. As Co-Director of the MCAS El Toro Local Redevelopment Authority, O.B. Schooley managed the complex master planning and military base reuse effort for the County of Orange assuming full responsibility for aviation planning, community outreach, government relations, and financial and environmental analysis. O.B. Schooley is one of few airport professionals who truly understands the numerous operational issues that are involved in managing an existing airport while at the same time overseeing the comprehensive planning efforts involved in the implementation of an airport master plan. O.B. Schooley has in-depth knowledge of airport concessions, airfield, terminal, ground transportation, automobile parking, cargo, finance, and administrative issues. Over the years, O.B. Schooley has developed extensive experience in developing successful concessions plans for large, medium and small hub airports. He is well versed in leasing and contracting issues and has experience in evaluating management approaches. In addition, he is able to assess concessions infrastructure requirements and construction phasing plans. O.B. Schooley brings to the airport client the “owner’s perspective”. Recently, O.B. Schooley has prepared hold room analysis for several airport clients to assess the feasibility of including concession units directly in hold room areas without compromising customer service and the need to provide adequate passenger seating. The analysis provides substantiated data for airport operations and airlines when considering the inclusion of concession units in hold room areas.